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FOR BUSINESSES is a youth run organization that works towards empowering small businesses with technology. Through our range of initiatives, we inform, train business owners on tech tools they can use to run, expand their business. Additionally, using no code tools we deploy tech like websites, chatbots for such businesses thus digitally empowering such businesses without them having to spend tens of thousands hiring expensive agencies and freelancers.

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We educate home business owners on technology like websites and chatbots they can implement to grow their business


We closely work with the business to understand their scale, activities and how we can help them

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Our designers & developers work on implementing the technology that works best for them


Web connect

Creation of fully functioning eCommerce websites for growing small businesses

Mentor Connect

Providing training to small business owners on various

tech tools that can be used to perform essential business activities

that result in growth


Customer Connect

AI-powered chatbots for small business owners to save time responding to FAQs

 Expressions d'artisans

Single page websites to provide local artisans with a platform to showcase their work


Influencer Connect

A network of social media influencers we've partnered with to make influencer marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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